Seven years of negotiations finished - KB/Libris-libraries join WorldCat

- Important success for the principle of Creative Commons

Photo: Peter Axelsson

Photo: Peter Axelsson

After seven years of negotiation, the National Library of Sweden (KB) has today signed an agreement to join WorldCat, one of the world's largest library catalogs, operated by OCLC. During the entire negotiation period KB maintained that data in LIBRIS should be freely available under the Creative Commons open license (CC0) and in February 2014 OCLC and KB finally signed an agreement regarding open licensing.

The important agreement on open licensing will enable KB and the affiliated LIBRIS libraries to become members of WorldCat.

The Swedish membership means that Swedish research and Swedish publishing become more visible in the international context. For Swedish LIBRIS-libraries the agreement also means that they can now more easily download catalog records for material they purchase, particularly for non-Swedish material.

- I am very pleased that we have reached this far with our work, says Gunilla Herdenberg, National librarian, and that we will continue to make content available as open data for all to use. It will be exciting to see what can and will be done with the information. 

The Swedish union catalog LIBRIS is based on voluntary participation and cooperation between libraries. KB started negotiations with OCLC in 2006 and today's agreement is a milestone in the Library's work on transparency. KB has previously signed similar agreements with Library of Congress and three European national libraries, the British Library, the National Library and the Deutsche Bibliothek.

Membership will be effective 1 September 2014.


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