An open knowledge society

Gunilla Herdenberg finds the new mandate exciting and even if there is currently a lot of focus on structure and groundwork, she has a clear vision:
“I want all publicly funded libraries to work together in the best interest of the user,” she explains, “and for the libraries to be active in the realization of an open knowledge society.”
She wants to have a strong and committed national council for library issues, which identifies areas for development and joint infrastructure. The regional and local libraries should have considerable support from the national resources, but work freely with their local mandates in their own organizations.
Dialog meetings
In the near future, a national conference consisting of representatives from the field of libraries will be organized. The chairman of the conference will be Mats Herder and the secretary will be Barbro Thomas. After that, a number of dialog meetings will be held with librarians at different locations across the country.
The action plan must be ready by the end of April and there is a lot to discuss: a national register, copyright issues, digitization, research requirements, competence development and much more.
Gunilla Herdenberg is particularly passionate about a center for library innovation, what she calls the “library lab”.
“There is so much to do,” she concludes. “It feels good that there is so much confidence in the National Library of Sweden both within the library sector and among our clients.”

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