Donation of soprano archives

The National Library has received the personal archives of the renowned soprano Birgit Nilsson as a generous donation from her family.


The archives are open for scholarly research since 16 May 2008, a day before she would have turned 90.

This act of largesse is an extraordinary contribution to the preservation of Sweden’s and Europe’s musical legacy, says Ingrid Svensson, head for the section Manuscripts, maps and pictures at the National Library.

The personal archives include correspondence, manuscripts, diaries, photos, notes and newspaper clippings. Her scores with notes and references to where and when she has performed specific roles are complemented by other documentary materials. Contracts with opera houses and record labels, as well as a variety of diplomas and distinctions have also been donated to the library.

The personal archives are an important addition to the holdings of the library.  They portray the life and career of this outstanding soprano legend, from her years as a student to the pinnacle of her career at the Metropolitan Opera in New York. We are presented with the unusual opportunity of being able to acquaint ourselves with this very special personality whose career spanned many decades and whose contribution is honored locally, nationally and internationally.

Contact person: Sara Bengtzon, e-mail: firstname.lastname@kb.se

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