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Aue maria gracia plena dominus tecum et tu mecum

o maria in omnibus / Tribulacionibus et necessitatibus et in hora exitus mei suscipe animam meam

Et offer eam dilectissimo filiu tuo AMEN.

Sancta maria sis mihi / Propicia famulo tuo Sobisslao et libera me ab omnibus peccatis MEIS

Orba te penis quas intulit orba salutis.

Hail Mary full of grace, the Lord be with thee and thou with me,
O Mary, in all trials and straits, and receive my soul in the hour of my death and carry it up to thy dearest son. Amen.
Sancta Maria, be gracious unto me thy servant Sobisslaus and deliver me from all my sins.
Deliver thee from the penalties she has caused who is deprived of salvation.