Moving Image Analytics: Research Infrastructures for Film Heritage, October 15-16, 2015

Dates: 15-16 oktober 2015



Moving Image Analytics: Research lnfrastructures for Film Heritage is a two-day conference addressing various ways of applying new methods, tools or processes to moving image media, including forms of online search and visualization platforms, web-based tools for data mining and analysis, and new formats for scholarly online publishing. The conference is sponsored by the National Library of Sweden and co-oranized by two research projects, " - A Film Historical Platform" (http://, located at Umeå University, and the film historical project, "Advertising and the Transformation of Screen Cultures" (, located at Stockholm University. Both projects are funded by The Swedish Foundation for Humanities and Social Sciences (Riksbankens Jubileumsfond).


As the amount of digitized material within the heritage domain increases exponentially, providing tools and methods to ana lyse such materials is rapidly turning inta an institutional necessity for archives and libraries. Digital resources have become constitutive parts of the digital repository and are subject to analysis in their own right. They are also widely used in media historical research, whether in the form of topic modeling, pattern recognition, cultural analytics, distant reading or other usages of algorithms that uncover hidden thematic structure in digitized collections. Text mining and textual resources are obvious examples, yet moving images pose different challenges, and are often harder and more difficult to work with than text. While today's digital methods promise to reconceptualize film history not unlike New Film History and then media archeology did over the past decades, the conceptualization and application of such digital methods and tools for audiovisual data still is in dire need of discussion.

For further information about the conference, please contact:

Karl Isaksson (email:, ph: +46 10 709 36 34), or
Pär Nilsson (email:, ph: +46 10 709 34 04)



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