Checklist for Open Access terms in Publisher Agreements with Nordic Consortia

This checklist is intended for the use of consortium or library staff negotiating open access agreements with publishers and is aligned with ESAC:s recommendations on    

The original checklist was made by the Netherlands UKB Working Group. This version is modified by the consortia in the Nordic countries.

Making agreements

Open Access Model & Price Model

1. 100% OA
2. Offsetting
3. Read & Publish
4. Discount on Publication Charges
5. Automatic depositing of oa in repositories via API service

Journal Title List

List of journals and years/volumes covered by deal

Article types

All, or:

Conference Paper / Proceedings Paper
Editorial / Editorial Material

Eligible authors

Eligible authors must be corresponding authors and  affiliated with the paying organisation. The affiliation must be stated in the article.

License period

If no open access terms are included, only sign one year agreements

Licence to publish

Default CC BY


Article submission

Open access should be set as a default option.

Confirmation off eligible articles

Confirmation should be made by the organisation within 5 working days upon notification from Publisher

Metadata standard

Ensure that the publisher delivers article metadata including open access licence information to CrossRef and other relevant third parties, according to standards, for example NISO Standard, ORCID and Ringold.

Reports and APC-invoices

Monthly or bimonthly reports. The following information should be included on both reports and APC-invoices:

A) Name and email address of the author who is affiliated to the paying institution (must be the corresponding author)
B) Complete statement of the author’s affiliation to the paying institution (as specific as possible, preferably down to department level)
C) Funding organisation (research funder)
D) Date of acceptance
E) Date of publication
F) Journal title
H) Article title
I) Article type
J) DOI-link
K) Amount due
L) Discounts and discount group (if applicable)
M) CC license

Penalty Clause

A clause stating that participating organisations' articles are immediately available open access. If the clause is not followed, compensation should be discussued.

Avoid non-disclosure clauses

Avoid non-disclosure clauses in license agreements. According to the Freedom of Information Laws in Nordic countries we will strive to share information as openly as possible.


Verification eligibility corresponding authors

Preferably done automatically at publisher side, e.g via

a) Authors stating their affiliation(s) at article submission

b) IP ranges specified by the paying instition and/or

c) e-mail domain(s) defined by the paying organisation



Preference for open access already at submission instead of after acceptance.

Transparency/Communication Nordic consortiums

Information on agreement to be published on consortium website

Communication website Publisher

The publisher is responsible for findable, clear information for authors on the open access regulation on the publisher's website.

Public page with info on the open access deal on the publisher's website, to be furnished by the publisher.

Author's page (submission page) to be furnished by the publisher.


It should be possible to upload articles to a repository automatically

Publication Charges

APC amount should be visible at submission/invoice when applicable even when covered by the agreement.


Text on published article: Open access funded by ...


Reports to be sent to consortium@consortium.xx and participating organisations 


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 Checklist for Open Access Terms

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