Fundamental principles

Bibsam Consortium’s fundamental principles

When negotiating with vendors the Bibsam Consortium acts according to a set of basic requirements and licensing principles. The license agreements should permit:

  • Printing and electronically saving parts of the licensed material
  • Scholarly sharing
  • Incorporating parts of the licensed material in Course Packs and on Virtual Learning Environments
  • Document delivery between libraries (Inter Library Loan)
  • Walk-in use
  • Organisations to opt in, but also opt out of multi-year agreements
  • Self-archiving
  • Swedish law as governing law

The Consortium negotiates e-only resources and it is of importance that the vendors provide:

  • Usage statistic on a regular basis
  • Post-termination access
  • Metadata relating to the licensed material

In addition to these fundamental principles, we expect vendors to comply with basic technical requirements and industry standards.


For more information, please contact Britt-Marie Wideberg, Head of Licensing, Bibsam Consortium. / +46 10 709 36 60
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