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Författaren, professor Jan Olsson, har gett KB tillstånd att publicera verket Los Angeles before Hollywood. Journalism and American Film Culture, 1905-1915. Här kan du ladda ner det som pdf-filer.

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1. Escape from Sing Sing and Nickelodeon-Era Amusement Theory
2. Newsprint and Nitrate, Columns and Critics
3. Amusement Mobility in Los Angeles: Geography, Venues, and Exhibitions

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4. Streets, Screens, and Scribes
5. Regulatory Discourses
6. Uplifting Initiatives: Coupons, Daylight Screens, and Policewomen
7. “Whizz! Bang! Smash!” - Hearst, Girls, and Formats

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8. Double Shooting, Dignified Terms, and Featured Prologs
9. Pioneering Pens: Kitty Kelly, Mae Tinee, and Gertrude Price
10. Americanization and Iowanization - Speed Culture and Leisurely Filmmaking

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